Montalbano Elicona Sicily Incentives

Sicily Incentives Montalbano Elicona

Sicily, Montalbano Elicona / Nebrodi


Sicily Incentives: A truly unprecedented and exclusive guided tour of Montalbano Elicona is scheduled on Friday 28 August. A fascinating nocturnal itinerary led by a professional guide to discover the most beautiful village in Italy between lights, shadows and medieval atmospheres.

The appointment is scheduled at 7 pm at the entrance to the Castle, the first and enchanting stage of the journey that will continue through the alleys and other beauties of the village and will end at 9 pm.

The Swabian Aragonese Castle of Montalbano is undoubtedly one of the most important and impressive castles in Sicily. It stands majestically on a hill in the center of the town. It was built, as we see it today (beyond the restorations of recent years), in 1300 at about 900 meters height, for purely military purposes and is part of the defense project of the territory of Emperor Frederick II of Swabia.

It dominated the entire valley, from the Tyrrhenian area to that of Etna. In over eight centuries of history it has been the home of Norman, Aragonese and Spanish kings.

Inside the castle there are two museum collections: the museum of bladed weapons and medieval musical instruments. The museum of weapons used by knights, primary figures in the wars of the time, is very particular. Halberds, spears, but also heraldic coats of arms, chain mail, armor and models of war machines that are truly unprecedented and surprising in the eyes of the visitor.


Sicily Incentives:  Montalbano Elicona is therefore one of the most fascinating medieval cities in Italy. Its streets and lanes were built in such a way as to adapt to the conformation of the rocky promontory on which it was built. A string of small sandstone houses placed one on top of the other undoubtedly offer a seductive setting. All the houses and paths are built on a path that leads straight to the hill where the Castle is located.

Sicily Incentives Montalbano Elicona

Away from the coast between mountains lies the old village of Montalbano Elicona with its medieval castle and streets

Sicily Incentives Montalbano Elicona

Sicily, Montalbano Elicona / Nebrodi: the Argimusco rocks

Sicily Incentives Montalbano Elicona

Sicily, Montalbano Elicona / Nebrodi


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