Sicily incentives dmc: Catania Timelapse

The beauty of Catania summarized in a timelapse of 4 minutes and 5 seconds: history, art and culture, the frenetic coming and going of people in the historic fish market. The buzz is typically Sicilian, you can breathe the smell of the sea and the sky is clear like what only Sicily can offer through a good Sicily incentives dmc (sicily-incentives-dmc)

The Catania Timelapse 4K video was made by the Sicilian photographer Leandro Grasso who wanted to enhance and make known the beauties that the city of Catania has to offer from an architectural and landscape point of view. The project consists of 12,965 photos 347 GB and completed in 6 months

“The video is certainly aimed at tourists, but above all at Catania citizens, who often take what they have for granted”, reads the comment of the video published on the photographer’s YouTube channel.

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