Sicily skiing on an active volcano: ETNA!

There are a lot of ways to enjoy Mt. Etna, but one of the most surprising is skiing on it. While Europe’s largest active volcano is commonly known for its role in Greek mythology and unpredictable eruptions, few realize it has ski resorts, too.

Sure, Mount Etna’s slopes may not be as expansive and exciting as those in northern Italy. But skiing on a volcano, with a view of the sea, makes this the most unique experience of skiing in Italy.

There are two distinct ski areas on Mount Etna. The southern one ends in Nicolosi, known here as Mount Etna Nicolosi. It covers more ground and is slightly higher with more vertical pistes than the northern resort. There are 4 lifts to service 14 groomed trails.

The northern resort is Piano Provenzana above the village of Linguaglossa. The terrain is suitable for all levels and offers both alpine and downhill slopes. The trails tend to be very smooth, thanks to the volcano’s settled lava! Better yet, crowds tend to be small, and at about 25 euro per day, ski passes cost much less than those in the north. The nearest airport to Mount Etna Nicolosi is Catania.


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