Sicily DMC Incentives: Mount Etna: new fantastic lava flow shoot from drone

Sicily DMC Incentives – Mount Etna has given very nice activity, and quite varied (Strombolian activity from the “saddle vent” between old and new Southeast Crater cones, sporadic emissions of brown ash from the New Southeast Crater). Sicily DMC Incentives – Mount Etna The lava flow has advanced not much more than 1 km from the crater and during the day was advancing slowly toward south-southwest. ETNA Sicily’s greatest natural attraction is also its highest mountain. To the ancient Greeks, Mount Etna was the realm of Vulcan, god of fire, and the home of the one-eyed monster known as the Cyclops. At approximately 3350 meters, it is €pe’s highest active volcano. The height of its summit changes with each eruption, and over the centuries a few lava flows have reached the coast. Over 1200 square meters of Etna’s surface is covered with solidified lava. Etna offers skiing in the Winter months and breathtaking hikes in the woods during the Summer. There are also a number of smaller peaks on the slopes of Etna, and some interesting caverns. Since Etna is a strato volcano , with relatively cool lava temperatures and numerous openings (vents), nobody ever knows precisely where on its […]

The Palatine Chapel in Palermo (Cappella Palatina)(video)

The Palatine Chapel in Palermo (Cappella Palatina) Commenced by Roger II and consecrated in 1140. The Chapel is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The Palatine Chapel is the royal chapel of the Norman kings of Kingdom of Sicily situated on the first floor at the center of the Norman Palace in Palermo. The chapel is a great symbol of multi-cultural cooperation. Craftsmen of three different religious traditions worked alongside each other. The madonna below Christ Pantocrator is an addition from the 18th century. Originally there was a window there. The Palatine Chapel, consecrated on Palm Sunday, 28 April, 1140, is inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The mosaics in the Palatine Chapel were probably made by the same craftsmen that made the mosaics in the Martorana and the central apse of the Cathedral in Cefalù. The wooden ceiling of star-shaped panels, carved and painted by 12th century craftsmen from Maghreb. Originally there were 50 windows (later blocked) designed to illuminate at all times of the day the stories told on the wall. The texts in the chapel are written in Greek, Arabic and Latin. The term “Normans” (“men from the North”) applied first to the people of Scandinavia in […]

Mount Etna Makes Stunning Eruption In Sicily | TIME

Lava Flows: Mount Etna the highest volcano in Europe erupts Intense Strombolian activity and lava flow emission from the active vent on top of Etna’s Southeast Crater Mount Etna has erupted for the first time in 2017, leaping into action on Monday evening (February 27) shooting bright red lava into the night sky. The highest active volcano in Europe Mount Etna began to erupt on the island of Sicily, on Monday. The volcano, which lies between the cities of Messina and Catania, can be seen spewing fountains of lava which reportedly exceeded several hundred meters high. Mount Etna has given very nice activity, and quite varied (Strombolian activity from the “saddle vent” between old and new Southeast Crater cones, sporadic emissions of brown ash from the New Southeast Crater). The lava flow has advanced not much more than 1 km from the crater and during the day was advancing slowly toward south-southwest. A conspicuous cone is growing around the active vent which is now the highest peak of the Southeast Crater, but probably still somewhat lower than Etna’s highest point, the Northeast Crater (3329 m). Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e VulcanologiaIstituto nazionale di geofisica e vulcanologiaINGV,Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e […]

Candlelight Dinner. Exquisite dining under the stars.

Candlelight Dinner. Exquisite dining under the stars. Probably one of the most romantic dining experiences in Sicily, the candlelight dinner on the terrace of Therasia resort is a must-do sensory delight, ideal for an under-the-stars celebration of high-level events. Dine in a movie scenario witn an exquisite cuisine as reflections of the moon and stars shimmer on the calm waters of the sea. A dining experience that’s difficult to overstate.  

Voyages récompense Sicile, DMC Sicile, Agence Sicile événements

Voyages Récompense en Sicile! La Sicile est un livre d’histoire et d’histoire de l’art, une synthèse des plus grandes civilisations et cultures de toutes les époques. C’est une île solaire avec une nature pleine de contrastes, une côte splendide et une cuisine raffinée, riche et variée, aux saveurs anciennes et aux arômes exquis: la quintessence du caractère méditerranéen. DESTINATION SICILY c’est une véritable DMC sicilienne, une agence événements spécialisée pour les groupes incentive que sur la Sicile. Les destinations en Sicile:   1 Taormine et l’Etna 2 îles éoliennes avec Stromboli en éruption 3 Palerme et Cefalù 4 Sciacca, Agrigento et la vallée des temples 5 Syracuse et Noto 6 Lampedusa et Pantelleria: les îles à la mer unique Nos programmes : -Self drive experience: Jeeps, Quads, Scooter, FIAT 500-Oldtimer, Cabrios, Speed Boats, Jet Skis, etc. Team-Building: conduite des véhicules, course d’orientation, régates, randonnées, jeux de mafia, cinéma (Hollywood experience), Beach Days: journée de relax à la plage Adrenaline: canyonisme, parachutisme, descente en rappel, sky-diving Course de cuisine: préparation des pâtes et des pizzas Shows: spectacles lyriques, bands, entretien avec artistes etc. Et encore beaucoup plus………………Contactez-nous pour une cotation personnalisée! Vous serez surpris !  

Sicily events: Stromboli’s eruptive explosions

The fascinating sensation of standing on an active volcano is redoubled in this extraordinary place by the occurrence of the scatti (literally, outbursts), the word used in the local language to indicate the most violent explosions inside the crater. The vents are located on the Sciara del Fuoco, a massive wall of volcanic débris which descends very steeply to the sea and has a rocky ridge on either side. On the slopes of the volcano (924 m; 3,031 ft), which end in high cliffs alternating here and there with small beaches, grow date-palms, vines, and prickly pears; on the volcano’s upper slopes, from about halfway up, the Mediterranean maquis begins to thin out and eventually disappears. The towns of Stromboli and Ginostra have been inhabited since the remote past, and the remains of a Greek necropolis (4th and 3rd c. bc) have been discovered, the graves containing sarcophaguses of volcanic stone, coins, decorated pots and terracotta ware featuring theatrical themes. Come experience these Sicily events!

_ Sicily incentives: self-drive, team-building, adrenaline, party!

DESTINATION SICILY – DMC Incentive Trips to Sicily Sicily incentives: self-drive, team-building, adrenaline, party! – Destination Sicily DMC Are you looking for a new destination for your meetings, incentives, conferences, product launches or seminars? – look no further – Sicily is an ideal destination for the EU market thanks to top 3 hour, daily direct flights and 4/5 star properties within 45 minutes of the airports, excellent Italian cuisine, vineyard tours and “Godfather” themed events. Experience the charm of Taormina, Palermo, Syracuse and more, plunge into endless activities, or just enjoy a moment of pure relaxation – Sicily is still one of the few places where doing nothing is not seen as a waste of time but a way of life: Dolce Vita. SicSicily incentives: self-drive, team-building, adrenaline, party! – Destination Sicily DMC ive, team-building, adrenaline, party! The recipe for a successful event Direct Non-stop Flights Enjoyable Climate Arts, Culture & Heritage Delicious Cuisine and wines Beautiful Natural Features Historical 5 star Hotels and Properties Excellent meeting Facilities Warm hospitable welcome Enjoy year round Mediterranean weather. Find beautiful examples of art of almost every age, from Greek to Baroque and from Roman to Medieval Experience a variety of different cuisines made […]

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IBTM Sicily incentive / Destination Sicily DMC  with Regione Sicilia.  IBTM SICILY INCENTIVES: SELF-DRIVE, TEAM-BUILDING, ADRENALIN, PARTY! An incentive trip to Sicily means endless possibilities to put together art, history, traditions, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, splendid natural scenary and exciting activities on Mount Etna, in the canyons of Alcantara and of course on the cobalt blue sea that is surrounding the island. Destination Sicily is a Sicily-based DMC, providing all ground arrangements on the island specifically for incentive groups: Sicily is the ideal destination for your INCENTIVE trips! IBTM  Sicily incentive, Sicily events, Sicily dmc other links: Sicily incentives dmc: Catania Timelapse DMC Sizilien incentives / Agrigent: Das Fest des blühenden Mandelbaums im Tempeltal Sicily dmc incentives: almond blossom festival in the valley of the Greek temples in Agrigento Sicily DMC Incentives, Palermo and Monreale, over 2000 years of history in Sicily Sicily DMC Incentives / Ragusa