Sicily events: Stromboli’s eruptive explosions

The fascinating sensation of standing on an active volcano is redoubled in this extraordinary place by the occurrence of the scatti (literally, outbursts), the word used in the local language to indicate the most violent explosions inside the crater. The vents are located on the Sciara del Fuoco, a massive wall of volcanic débris which descends very steeply to the sea and has a rocky ridge on either side. On the slopes of the volcano (924 m; 3,031 ft), which end in high cliffs alternating here and there with small beaches, grow date-palms, vines, and prickly pears; on the volcano’s upper slopes, from about halfway up, the Mediterranean maquis begins to thin out and eventually disappears.
The towns of Stromboli and Ginostra have been inhabited since the remote past, and the remains of a Greek necropolis (4th and 3rd c. bc) have been discovered, the graves containing sarcophaguses of volcanic stone, coins, decorated pots and terracotta ware featuring theatrical themes. Come experience these Sicily events!

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